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LED Headlamp for your Harley on a budget by Ivan Rodriguez

April 17, 2017

So guess don't have to pay Harley's $700 asking price for LED headlamp and passing lamps. Here's how!


So where else other than eBay can you get a great deal? If your guess is Amazon.... your 100% correct! 

Amazon now carries a wide assortment of CREE chip technology LED "Daymaker" headlamp kits for your Harley Davidson Motorcycle. They come in all types so you have to do your search accurately. Some models will require you to order an additional bracket simply because the OEM one will not keep the LED snug in with the original bezel. 



The additional adaptor kit is only an additional $29.99 but it will be needed especially if your bike is a touring model like the Street Glide or as mine an Electric Glide Ultra. So after doing some research, I decided to go ahead and get a set myself and try them out.



Well so far I can say that I am satisfied with them. I might have to get some type of automotive door weather strip to tuck under the extisting bezel, just to close up the gap and ensure a water tight seal but it's not a deal breaker and will not do anything to compromise the look. They are definitely a HUGE difference when riding at night! The name "DAYMAKER" does fit them well! So what did these set me back? About $300 total including the adaptor kit and I self installed. Not too shabby at all! Two things I did forget to mention. The headlight itself was a like for like installation but The passing Lites did require an adapter and I did have to cut the original harness to wire in the adapters that came with the kit. Other than that it went very well and so far so good! The best part about it is that they do not interfere with your FM stereo operation as did my other LED headlight bulb. So I now have my FM stereo back as opposed to listening to my MP3\iPod.


For more information do some research yourself you'll be surprised what you find. Go to type in your year model vehicle and shop away. Oh yeah and I got a set for my wife's Harley as well!

You know what they say "Happy Wife....Happy Life!"


Thanks for reading


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