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SOA Spinoff Recast and Reshooting the Pilot!

August 2, 2017


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"Earlier this month, it was reported that the Mayans MC pilot was undergoing extensive reshoots, recasting some key roles and swapping out directors."  


The above mentioned news comes from Charlie Ridgely of, so what does that mean for the show? Well writer and creator Kurt Sutter is still moving forward as planned. 

The SOA series premiere had the same changes like the original actor to play "Clay Morrow" being replaced by Ron Pearlman and Emilio Rivera moving in to the roll of Myans MC Prez "Marcus Alvarez". So what's the issue?, I say nothing! Let the wonderful genius mind of Sutter do its thing! In the end, we will love to see it anyway! 


Thanks for Reading! 

Ivan Rodriguez - TCP





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