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May 2, 2018


So finally after much thought I will be bringing back the podcast to YouTube in an effort to gain more viewers or listeners rather. I started The Cycleshack on YouTube about 2 years ago when it was originally titled "The Cycleshack Magazine"  Now actually an audio podcast, I have decided to bring it back up as another means of hearing the show. Some folks think it will be easier to listen to this way. I will have a camera on me in the studio patched into an audio feed that will broadcast to video and then be posted on YouTube. There will not be much to see, but again the concept will be to gain more subscribers as "listeners" of the show. It will be the same podcast episodes you will here on, iTunes, Google Play and all the other platforms the show is on. 


So keep tuning in, I'll see you soon.

Thanks for reading!


Ivan Rodriguez/The Cycleshack







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