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UFC 229 McGregor vs Khabib by Ivan Rodriguez

October 7, 2018


Well if some of you were wondering “What the heck does this have to do with motorcycles”? The event was sponsored by Harley Davidson!

Seriously though... I decided to tune in to the mega fight between McGregor and Khabib this Saturday night for the UFC 229 PPV event. While all the fights leading up to this main event were awesome, what would’ve topped off the night would’ve been if the fight ended as was and both fighters left the arena. If you’ve been reading the news, it didn’t happen that way! Khabib, pulled off a respectable fourth round rear choke submission of McGregor. Right after his win, Khabib proceeded to turn to McGregors corner and have words with his team. Then the Malay begins. Whatever words were exchanged, Khabib decided to jump over the octagon and then charge and attack an individual in McGregor‘s team. While that Malay was being handled by the event staff and heavy security team, individuals from Khabib’s corner jumped into the octagon and attacked McGregor landing a blow to his face. The incident when on for only about 5 minutes and was quickly gained control of. McGregor was brought to the back locker room for safety however Khabib was brought back into the ring to be announced as the winner by submission. UFC executive Dana White using quick thinking addressed Khabib and advised that he will not leave the arena with the belt around his waist due to the fans disgust and hostility. Khabib and his camp were quickly escorted out of the arena while being pummeled buy a variety of foreign objects being thrown at them from the fans.

In my opinion while I am not a fan of neither one of these two fighters, I will comend McGregor on keeping his cool when he needed to. I thought Khabib was a more humbled fighter in the beginning but clearly proved me wrong with this disgusting display of showmanship. This display put many people‘s well-being at risk and at minimum Khabib should be heavily fined by the UFC. As for the Nevada state athletic commission I think they should revoke Khabib’s license and this can surely damage their visa to “work” in this country. I have gone on to find out that three members of Khabib’s team were arrested and are awaiting charges. 

I guess we will see what happens with this one, The Internet is going crazy with fans discussing their opinions and going back and forth on what should be done. More to come......


Thanks for reading.

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